The PCHP | PHLC’s directors have all published the results of their extensive academic research on various scholarly journals, edited collections, newspapers and other popular publications. Here is a shortlist of publications on Portuguese and Canadian topics.

Research snapshots


Raphael Costa, Emanuel da Silva, Gilberto Fernandes, Susana Miranda and Anna St. Onge, “Archiving from Below: Preserving, Problematizing and Democratizing the Collective Memory of Portuguese Canadians – The Portuguese Canadian History Project”,  in Identity Palimpsests: Ethnic Archiving in the United States and Canada, ed. Amalia S. Levi and Dominique Daniel (Sacramento: Litwin Press, 2014)


Dr. Raphael Costa

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Dr. Emanuel da Silva

“Tensões sociolinguísticas na comunidade portuguesa/lusófona de Toronto, Canadá,” IN L. P. Lopes (ed.), O Português no século XXI: Cenário geopolítico e sociolinguístico (São Paulo, Parábola Editorial, 2013): 169-191

“Making and masking difference: Mutliculturalism and sociolinguistic tensions in Toronto’s Portuguese-Canadian market,” Portuguese Studies Review 20: 2 (2012): 59-78

“Heroes or zeros? Portuguese-Canadian youth and the cost of mobilizing different sociolinguistic resources,” International Journal of Multilingualism, 9: 2 (2012): 138-150

Compte-rendu de la VIe journée de réflexion Metropolis sur l’immigration francophone au Canada, Ottawa: Secrétariat du Projet Metropolis / Citoyenneté et Immigration Canada, en partenariat avec Patrimoine canadien, 2012

Farmer, D. & E. da Silva, Vitalité des milieux, Vitalité des parcours. Réflexions sur l’évolution de la recherche sur l’immigration francophone en milieu minoritaire. Ottawa: Secrétariat du Projet Metropolis / Citoyenneté et Immigration Canada, 2012

da Silva, E. & M. Heller, “From protector to producer: the role of the State in the discursive shift from minority rights to economic development,” Language Policy 8: 2 (2009): 95-116.

da Silva, E., M. McLaughlin & M. Richards, “Bilingualism and the globalized new economy : the commodification of language and identity,” in M. Heller ed. Bilingualism: A Social Approach (London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2007): 183-206.

Dr. Gilberto Fernandes

“‘Oh Famous Race!’ Imperial Heritage and Diasporic Memory in the Portuguese American Narrative of North America,” The Public Historian, 38: 1 (February, 2016)

“Moving the ‘Less Desirable’: Portuguese Mass Migration to Canada, 1953-74” Canadian Historical Review, 96: 3 (September 2015)

“Beyond the ‘Politics of Toil’. Collective Mobilization and Individual Activism in Toronto’s Portuguese Community, 1950s-1990s,” Urban History Review,  39: 1 (Fall 2010): 59-72

“On Guard for Canadian Parochialism,” Parts I, II, III,, September 8, 15, 22, 2015

“Portuguese Politics in the City: Toronto’s invisible cities and political participation,” Living Toronto Online Journal, April 2014

Os Imigrantes Portugueses Protestaram a Violência Policial: o caso da morte de Ângelo Nóbrega, Maio 1969“, Senso Magazine, Toronto, n. 13 (Fall/Winter), 2011

Dr. Susana Miranda

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