David Higgs, Domingos Marques and Ilda Januário´s collections now open for consultation

David Higgs, Domingos Marques and Ilda Januário’s collections at the Clara Thomas Archives and Special Collections have been processed and are now open for consultation. Their finding aids can be consulted online:

David Higgs http://archivesfa.library.yorku.ca/fonds/ON00370-f0000571.htm

Domingos Marques http://archivesfa.library.yorku.ca/fonds/ON00370-f0000573.htm

Ilda Januário http://archivesfa.library.yorku.ca/fonds/ON00370-f0000580.htm

The collections from the Portuguese Interagency Network and the Portuguese Canadian Democratic Association/ Associação Democrática Portuguesa will also be made available for consultation soon.

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