Thank you Ink Book Club and Anthony de Sa!

The Ink Book Club has generously made a financial donation to the PCHP on behalf of Toronto author Anthony de Sa. In Anthony’s words: “The PCHP has been a tremendous resource while writing Kicking the Sky. Often, it was the images collected in the exhibits that triggered memories allowing me to move back into the world I knew and understood so personally. For me, writing a work of fiction can only resonate with a reader when there is honesty and  truth at its core. It is what makes a work of fiction transcendent. Much thanks to the good people at PCHP” (in Anthony de Sa’s blog, September 15, 2013).

We are very proud to hear that our digital exhibits have sparked Anthony’s memories and benefited his creative work. The best praise and encouragement we could ever hope for is the knowledge that others are using and building on our efforts to preserve, disseminate, and discuss our collective memory; not only as Portuguese-Canadians but as Torontonians.

The PCHP is grateful for the Ink Book Club’s kind donation, and thank Anthony de Sa for prompting their contribution.

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