Interview with punk rocker Sandy Miranda of ‘Fucked Up’

Our filming for RTPi’s “A Hora dos Portugueses” continues. Last week we interviewed Sandy Miranda, the bass player for Fucked Up, one of the most prolific and international punk/hardcore bands from Toronto, winner of the Polaris Prize in 2009 (nominated again in 2012). We sat down with Sandy on the stage of the legendary Horseshoe Tavern and talked about her experience growing up as a child of Portuguese immigrants from Pico and Viana do Castelo, and how that has impacted her music career.

Here are a couple of videos of Sandy and her band mates in action:
Crooked Head (music video)
Let Her Rest/ Queen Of Hearts (live)

Sandy is also a photographer. You can find some of her work here:
life of leisure

One thought on “Interview with punk rocker Sandy Miranda of ‘Fucked Up’

  1. never herd this band before .decided to check them out because of my face book page and rtp1 raised in the seventies and eighties reminds me of my youth i can relate to the music and i did enjoy hidden world .i love it when i can introduce new stuff to my sons lol makes me feel not so old lol


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