New archival donation by Anthropologist Wenona Giles to Clara Thomas Archives

GilessmThe PCHP is happy to announce that Dr. Wenona Giles has donated to the Clara Thomas Archives and Special Collections, York University Libraries, her research materials produced during her anthropological study of the lives of Portuguese immigrant workers in London, England, and Toronto, Canada, in the 1980s. These records are being processed and will be made available for consultation in the future, with restrictions on confidential documents, including all transcripts and field notes. In order to access restricted documents, researchers will have to go through an ethical review process at York University. This archival donation was facilitated by Ilda Januário, to whom the PCHP is grateful.

Dr. Giles is an anthropologist at York University with an impressive body of work on a variety of countries and themes, the most prevalent being gender, migration, ethnicity, work, nationalism, citizenship, globalization, refugees, war, and education. In the 1990s and 2000s, Giles published multiple articles, chapters, and a book – Portuguese Women in Toronto: Gender, Immigration, and Nationalism (University of Toronto Press, 2002) – about the public and private lives of Portuguese immigrant women in Canada, including janitorial workers or “cleaning ladies” in Toronto. Dr. Giles has made a very important contribution to the study of Portuguese-Canadian experiences and her work is a reference to many scholars researching this migrant/ethnic group.

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