New archival donations: Luso Learning Centre and Senso Magazine

The PCHP | PHLC has facilitated the transfer of two new collections of records to the Clara Thomas Archives & Special Collections, York University Libraries. Our team met with Ana Fernandes-Iria, the director of the Luso Learning Centre, and the director and editor of Senso Magazine, and has initiated the process of donation.

The Luso Learning Centre is a private, non-profit, educational organization, located in the west downtown of Toronto since 2011. The Centre offers Portuguese language classes, public lectures, a library, and a number of cultural activities for all ages, with a focus on the lusophone communities.

Senso Magazine is a trimonthly Portuguese-language publication produced in Toronto that is freely distributed in Ontario and other parts of Canada where there are Portuguese-speaking communities. Since it was founded in 2007, Senso has published 15 issues.

Ana Fernandes-Iria has agreed to donate the organizational records of the Luso Learning Centre and Senso Magazine on a regular basis, which will constitute two separate, open-ended, archival collections. Additional steps need to be taken before the collection can be made available to the public, in a process that can take months.

The PCHP | PHLC team thanks Ana Fernandes-Iria for her donation to the Clara Thomas Archives & Special Collections, and for being an enthusiastic ongoing supporter of our community outreach work.

“Os Imigrantes Portugueses Protestaram a Violência Policial: o caso da morte de Ângelo Nóbrega, Maio 1969,” Senso Magazine, N. 13, Fall/Winter, 2011: 48-9

Leia o nosso mais recente artigo na Senso Magazine,N. 13, Fall/Winter, 2011: 48-9. Em “Os Imigrantes Portugueses Protestaram a Violência Policial: o caso da morte de Ângelo Nóbrega, Maio 1969,” Gilberto Fernandes escreve sobre a participação política dos portugueses em Toronto durante as primeiras décadas desta comunidade, e especificamente sobre um protesto realizado em 1969 em reação à morte de um jovem açoreano pelas mãos de um detetive de Toronto.

Prima a imagem para ler a edição digital.

PCHP | PHLC now in Senso Magazine.

The PCHP | PHLC has begun a new partnership with Senso Magazine this month, with the publication of our first article in what we will be an ongoing collaboration. Our first article, “Introdução ao Projecto de História Luso-Canadiana,” is a sum of who we are, what we’ve done, and what we intend to do in the future. In the following issues, we will publish brief, illustrated articles, on various episodes, phenomena, or personalities of significance in the history of the Portuguese in Canada.

In the next issue, Susana Miranda will write on the topic of her research: Portuguese women cleaners in Toronto and their labour organization in the 1970s-80s.

The PCHP | PHLC thanks Ana Fernandes-Iria for giving us this opportunity, and assistiing us in the pursuit of our goals, namely to give the community access to its own history.

Hope you enjoy our articles and we look forward to hear your comments.