New archival donations: Luso Learning Centre and Senso Magazine

The PCHP | PHLC has facilitated the transfer of two new collections of records to the Clara Thomas Archives & Special Collections, York University Libraries. Our team met with Ana Fernandes-Iria, the director of the Luso Learning Centre, and the director and editor of Senso Magazine, and has initiated the process of donation.

The Luso Learning Centre is a private, non-profit, educational organization, located in the west downtown of Toronto since 2011. The Centre offers Portuguese language classes, public lectures, a library, and a number of cultural activities for all ages, with a focus on the lusophone communities.

Senso Magazine is a trimonthly Portuguese-language publication produced in Toronto that is freely distributed in Ontario and other parts of Canada where there are Portuguese-speaking communities. Since it was founded in 2007, Senso has published 15 issues.

Ana Fernandes-Iria has agreed to donate the organizational records of the Luso Learning Centre and Senso Magazine on a regular basis, which will constitute two separate, open-ended, archival collections. Additional steps need to be taken before the collection can be made available to the public, in a process that can take months.

The PCHP | PHLC team thanks Ana Fernandes-Iria for her donation to the Clara Thomas Archives & Special Collections, and for being an enthusiastic ongoing supporter of our community outreach work.

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